A Friendly Lighting & Sound Controller

What and Why?

It does exactly what we need. It's easy. It's opensource.

Our local theatre company needed a simple DMX lighting controller that also could playback sound effects, and that anyone could learn to use quickly and easily. We couldn't find one anywhere, so I made EasyCue.

  • 24 channel, 512 dimmer
  • Works with Enttec USB-DMX Pro, a low-cost usb-dmx device. More to come soon!
  • Unlimited sound & light cues
  • Fade in, hold and fade out times for sound cues
  • Hotkeys for instant light or sound cue playback
  • OSX (& Windows coming soon)

Download for Mac View in BitBucket



Many thanks to the creators of the excellent tools and modules involved in this project:
Sebastian Wiedenroth for Node-DMX
James Simpson for howler.js
Made with Electron

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